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Gregory de la Haba now on EV Fine Art

July 16, 2018

Apart from being an exceptionally skilled painter and sculptor  with a pedagogical lineage that stretches back to the great Neoclassicist Jacques- Louis David, de la Haba is a gambler in more ways than one. Hosting casino nights in his loft where a 14′ craps table takes center stage the artist spent more than 10 years at Belmont and Saratoga racetracks handicapping the ponies-and winning, to the point where he became horse owner, stepping into the winner’s circle on more than one occasion (hence the horse iconography in his work).

A cum laude graduate of Harvard University de la Haba’s writings and artworks have been published in numerous publications including the Southampton Review, Rizzoli’s Irish America and New York Arts magazine as well as a video interview with Jean Wainwright for The Art Newspaper. He is also the publisher of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

DeLaHaba surfboard panorama

In this piece are three of Gregory’s Surf Totem Boards (they are also available to purchase) and three Muses; Natalie White, SuzyMae and Samantha on the cliffs of Camp Hero Montauk. To purchase this print go here.

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