Price List

Prices are calculated based on the base paper stock Presentation Matte and calculated on the difference in paper costs. These prices may change due to increased paper costs, or us getting a good deal, let’s hope for good deals! To order your print head over to the order form and plug in the dimensions and paper type.

Epson, Presentation Matte Single weight and Presentation Matte Double weight. These papers is a bright white, coated paper ideal for printing posters, presentations containing photos or graphics. Its smooth matte finish means you get bright colors and dark text

Epson, Premium 260 Glossy, Premium Semigloss Photo, Premium Luster Photo and Premium Semimatte Photo. These papers delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. Its 10-mil RC base gives prints a photographic feel, and keeps the paper cockle-free.

Epson, Exhibition Canvas Matte and Exhibition Canvas Satin. Built on a polyester and cotton blend that is specially coated to produce vibrant colors as well as rich, deep blacks and tonal gradations that distinguish them from competitive products.

Epson, Somerset Velvet and Exhibition Fiber Paper has extraordinary D-Max and tonal transition in B&W and the ability to print extraordinary color with the same paper, something that was not possible to do with traditional fiber based papers.

Epson Metallic Photo Paper Glossy and Metallic Photo Paper Luster. Designed with an incredible Dmax and rich color gamut, this semi-gloss, E surface, photographic paper features a unique metallic surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth.

We can print on almost any type of paper and thin card stock, shoot us an email or text.

Prices are subject to change, this could be supply cost changes or just because we are realigning our prices with the industry.