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Scanning and digitizing

Judy Rifka, shot on 4x5 by Tom Warren

As your New York City fine art print studio, we love working with artists who paint, illustrate, sculpt, and work in mixed mediums, and sometimes in very large sizes. In the digital age, archiving and digitizing artwork is important whether it is for web use, cataloging, or something as important as creating quality prints. 

The first, and most important part of giclee printing is a high-quality scan or digital capture of your original artwork.

We mainly use Nikon cameras for digital capture. Over the years we have had many scanners, drums, Leaf CCD, and large flatbeds, but we find the most versatile is using a DSLR with proper color balanced lighting.

We have rigs for scanning 35mm slides, film strips, and 4x5 film & polaroids.

For scanning larger art we have perfected a solution using polarized light and low-distortion lenses to get the optimal image reproduction of your work. I would say at any size but it has to fit thru the door. 

Prices start at 


Chromes and film


film sheets


up to 8x10"

Large art

up to 10'x10'
For the raw scans, spotting and touchups are additional. Pricing may change depending on the size of the art or the quantity, so contact us for an estimate. Add $20 for a contact sheet print.
We are available to come on-site and digitize your artwork, for an additional fee.

Some recent digitization work

* a setup charge of $100 might apply, example 1=charge, 5+=no charge.