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Where are You Located?

The studio is in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Right in the heart of all the graffiti covered warehouses.

What are Your Hours?

We print on Mondays thru Thursday, and Friday if needed.

How do I Send Files?

You can use the form provided, or via email, DropBox or WeTransfer or other file sharing.

What services do you offer?

We offer an array of creative services. Photography, retouching, image digitizing (scanning), graphic design, web design and more.

How Large can You Print?

44" [111.76 cm] wide by the length of paper.

Where is Your Storefront?

We are not a storefront, we are a studio.

Do you Allow Visitors?

Yes so long as it is prearranged.

Can I be Present While my Project Prints?

Yes, so long as it is prearranged and this is generally only for people doing large runs to proof the progress.