Preparing Files for Print

In order to ensure a smooth ordering process, please use the file setup guidelines below before submitting your artwork for printing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

File Setup:

  • All files must be:
  • RGB color profile (adobe default)
  • RGB color space
  • All text must be converted to outlines or rasterize text
  • We use the latest Adobe CC programs on Mac OSX, if you are coming from anything prior CS6, please save files as .pdf format. The exception are Photoshop files, see below.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Resolution: 300dpi, at the desired size of you print
  • Flatten layers/rasterize text
  • DO NOT use jpeg to compress files
  • TIFF works best, but we also accept PSD or Photoshop PDF’s. RAW files are unacceptable, as we will more than likely have results that will not meet your expectations.

Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

  • Save or export .pdf files
  • Convert text to outlines
  • All colors have to be in RGB, CMYK will not result in a quality print.

Adobe Acrobat PDF

  • Use Acrobat preset “High Quality Print”, not “Press Quality”
  • Do not add crop marks, we will do this on our own, just add borders if desired.

Test Prints

If you are planning on printing very large images—or multiple copies of the same print—we always suggest to do a smaller test print prior to running the full job.


Large Print Runs: Yes we have discounts, for print runs over 25 of the same file, we offer up to a 50% discount, contact us for your coupon code prior to sending us the project.

Students: We have a discount of 25% with valid school ID. Apply Here for the coupon code.

Starving Artists and Photographers: We also offer a 15% discount.  Apply Here for the coupon code.

Disclaimer, we do not offer discounts on single prints that are smaller than 16″x24″.