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East Village Closed — Billy The Artist

East Village Closed Book Cover
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When COVID hit, life turned surreal. Daily rituals and simple things like buying coffee and the newspaper stopped. Everything closed and countless people moved out. Almost overnight, the once vibrant streets filled with pedestrians, cyclists, cars, buses and trucks turned empty and desolate. Normality went out the window as the garbage started piling up on the curb. People watching from a cafe’s window table was no longer a viable past time. Gone went the cafes and the people. With limited options, I turned inward. What else to do? But by doing so, I became extremely prolific, working tirelessly as life in the East Village as we all knew it ceased to exist. The city that never sleeps turned into the city that sleeps. It was then I went to the streets and rooftops with my iPhone and then sharpies and created this book. —BTA
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