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Billy The Artist’s new “Closed NYC” Series

The City That Sleeps

The ongoing series of paintings by Billy The Artist, Billy explores the East Village and the impact the Coronavirus had on it. This is a continuing series. Prints are in 2 sizes 15″x30″ for $250 and 20″x26.5″ for $500. Most of the originals are also available for sale as well. Prints are available here

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The COVID-19 Artist & Photographers Deal.

Grand central empty
Empty Grand Central
A Silent empty Grand Central Station NYC.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has come to an abrupt halt affecting countless lives as well as the supply chain that keeps life and business humming along. The amount of people put out of work this past week alone or those filing for unemployment is simply mind-boggling. Our thoughts for every single one of them. 

As we keep a close eye on positive stories and watch as countless establishments reach out to help others, we are humbled. This is the true American spirit. 

With that in mind, Founder of East Village Arts, Bryan Thatcher, and New York artist Gregory de la Haba have teamed together to offer their artist-community-friends and neighbors a once-in-a-lifetime deal on the printing of their work. 

The goal is a simple one: By offering artists an opportunity to purchase a series of 10 (or more) prints entirely at costs, they can then offer their friends, family, and collectors a chance to buy their art at a discounted rate as well with the hopes of putting much-needed cash back into their cash-strapped pockets sooner rather than later. 

Keep the faith. In art we trust. 

–Gregory de la Haba and Bryan Thatcher

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We printed the images for Gregory de la Haba’s latest show in Monaco. Vertical Horizons/Horizontal Waves. Totem Poems.

Vertical Horizons/Horizontal Waves Poster

Printing and installing the show was a blast, getting the Totem Poems installed was a bit tricky. If you have ever been to Monaco, you know there is not much space for error.

The collection of prints that we printed. The large ones are 12′ tall by 40″ wide!

Here is a gallery of images of the installation, showing the space and the Totem Poems.

For images of the trip check those out on my blog.

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Michael Torquato deNicola’s work Available as limited edition prints.

Michael Torquato deNicola is a world traveling and award winning surfer, artist and filmmaker. 

Mike grew up making sense of the world through surfing and art. Born and raised in Southern California, he is a life long surfer with much of his inspiration coming from the Ocean and his experiences around the globe in locations such as Indonesia, Iceland, Samoa, Peru, The Galapagos Islands and more. 

Reef Painting - Maui, Hana

Mike started surfing at the age of 12 and was competing with the US team by age 19. As the first pro surfer from the US team to graduate from College, he learned to negotiate between his athletic and creative pursuits, and the business of surf.

Mike has always designed the work on his surfboards, but it was only when he started traveling and competing internationally that his work developed into the style it is today. Mike’s boards tell the story of his relationship with the Oceans from around the globe. If Mike’s surf style can be called fluid his large and colorful mixed media pieces resonate the same fluidity in a layered collage of rhythms, patterns and forms.

Mikes visual works have appeared in galleries, art fairs, film festivals and TV screens around the world over the past 20 years.

See more of Mike’s Original work on his website

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Gregory de la Haba now on EV Fine Art

Apart from being an exceptionally skilled painter and sculptor  with a pedagogical lineage that stretches back to the great Neoclassicist Jacques- Louis David, de la Haba is a gambler in more ways than one. Hosting casino nights in his loft where a 14′ craps table takes center stage the artist spent more than 10 years at Belmont and Saratoga racetracks handicapping the ponies-and winning, to the point where he became horse owner, stepping into the winner’s circle on more than one occasion (hence the horse iconography in his work).

A cum laude graduate of Harvard University de la Haba’s writings and artworks have been published in numerous publications including the Southampton Review, Rizzoli’s Irish America and New York Arts magazine as well as a video interview with Jean Wainwright for The Art Newspaper. He is also the publisher of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

DeLaHaba surfboard panorama

In this piece are three of Gregory’s Surf Totem Boards (they are also available to purchase) and three Muses; Natalie White, SuzyMae and Samantha on the cliffs of Camp Hero Montauk. To purchase this print go here.

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New artist work Michael Ricardo

Nibiru #232Ricardo’s work is generally monochromatic, paintings done sometimes with a single brush stroke adorned with symbols. Michael partners with EV Fine Art to explore what happens when we digitally add color to his pieces. Here we feature this new collaboration, available for sale in two sizes. In some cases the original art is available for purchase as well, so send an inquiry if interested in any of the art. To see the collaborative art, check it out here.

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Open For Business

We officially open for business on March 12th. We will be offering fine art giclée printing to artists and photographers. Check out our selection of limited edition prints and our price list to print your own. If you would like to be featured on our website, contact us and we will review you work to see if it fits with our grand scheme.